Matchmaking Technology for Investors and Companies.

Better meetings, more often, using predictive analytics.

  • More informed decisions

    By effortlessly sifting through clutter

  • Save precious time

    With advanced analytics and reporting

  • Discover hidden value

    Through our matching technology
“Valuation Metrics has developed an approach to targeting that is uprooting all the traditional models. The technology is powerful… we’ve never seen anything like it.”

Who uses our technology?

  • Buy Side

    Idea Generation
    Company Profiling

  • Companies

    Shareholder Analytics

  • Sell Side & Consultants

    Corporate Action Analysis
    Meeting Scheduling
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  • More informed decisions

    Relationships and peer behavior only tell part of the story. Our proprietary analytics highlight additional correlations between a company’s fit with a fund’s investing strategy. Use our comprehensive platform to get a more complete picture so that you can make more informed decisions and maximize your time in the highest impact meetings.

  • Save precious time

    Attending meetings and sifting through data are time consuming. Our unique matching algorithm analyzes billions of data points, enabling you to effortlessly break through the clutter to identify the meetings that really matter, significantly reducing the number of non-productive meetings in your schedule. Our automated reporting tools also ensure that you can quickly create detailed profiles and reports.

  • Discover hidden value

    Finding the obvious meetings is the easy part. The challenge is filtering unnecessary meetings and uncovering opportunities that go undetected using traditional targeting and screening. We have proven ability to anticipate unlikely matches that result in quality interactions.

  • How it works

    Our matching algorithm is our secret sauce. Combined with proprietary behavioral analytics, we help companies identify institutions likely to buy their stock, and explain the themes that influence the predicted sale. At the same time, we help institutions find companies that fit their investment strategy, and identify those currently held that do not.

    Essentially, our algorithm creates and analyzes statistical themes for every company and institution in the world, combining over 100 fundamental inputs, more than 25 valuation models and trend analyses into a powerful predictive engine. We’ve backtested over 7 million instances of initial institution buying positions, and have confirmed that our platform really does work: in 84% of the cases, a newly purchased company had our highest Valuation Metrics Match Score ranking; only 1% of companies in our Outlier Match category were bought.

  • Quick and beautiful reporting tools

    Creating professional, beautiful and impactful reports is both difficult and time consuming. Focus your energy on other priorities and leave this time consuming task to us: our report automation and generation tools are designed to help you quickly and easily assemble detailed content. All our reports can be configured to your own specifications, with complete control over what data goes on each page. Companies use our reports to both target more proactively and explain shareholder behavior more clearly. A quarterly report with infographics, tables and charts can be configured in minutes. Investors can create a one page company profile dossier, called a TearSheet, that shows a plethora of detailed company information on a single side of paper, useful for quick distribution and comparison of opportunities.

  • Corporate Action Analysis

    Get in front of the curve for pending corporate actions: our Corporate Action Analysis tool simulates investors’ likely response to corporate actions such as an IPO, M&A or major initiative. For private companies, we take the guesswork out of deciding which institutions to visit prior to going public. We match you with institutions that will most favorably perceive your company once public and be receptive to getting to know your story. For public companies, we solve the difficult problem of quickly figuring out which institutions most positively perceive the new, post-corporate action story. With our insight, you can readily maximize demand for the stock by focusing on the highest impact investors.

    The world around us changes constantly and staying abreast of change is never easy. For institutions, we provide investment alerts about pending transformative changes of companies that may influence your holding of their stock. Valuation Metrics will empower you with the information you need to make decisions about companies that matter most to your investing theme.