12/10/15 Matching Algorithm Enhancements

Valuation Metrics, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the latest improvements to our highly regarded matching algorithm, the VM-Match.

New data visualizations (see below) further assist in our renowned ability to assess a company’s quantitative fit with a portfolio’s strategy. Additionally, we incorporated enhanced analytics regarding a portfolio’s fit based on its ownership in the company’s peers, market cap segment, growth and value orientation, industry and country.

Users will enjoy increased selectivity of this deeper targeting methodology. The VM-Match identifies portfolios that are great quantitative fits in terms of size and investment style, and determines when these portfolios are and are not great fits in terms of their holdings in companies of similar classification and domicile.

Fund Details | Overview

A VM-Match polar chart has been added that shows the degree of fit with the various match score components. Tooltips containing further details of each components fit can be viewed by hovering over the respective wedges in the chart.


For managers of multiple funds, four polar charts are displayed: the fund with the largest holdings of the company, along with the manager’s three highest-matching funds.



Fund Details | Fund Intelligence/Other Funds

A new tabular display detailing the various component fits associated with each of a manager’s underlying funds is now available by clicking on the indicated display toggle.

Fund Intelligence


Reports | Company Detail Report

Users can now include the top contacts associated with all managers referenced in the report in an appendix.

Contacts Box



Saved Table page – users can now choose from a variety of column layout options, including a new layout showing the match component categories.

Saved Table

Top Manager Targets


Check back soon for exciting new features as we continue to announce additional product enhancements.