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Your free report contains a list of top targets likely to invest in your company’s stock based on 29 valuation models and over 100 metrics.

  • Smarter Investor Targeting

    We apply 25+ valuation models and 100+ metrics to reverse engineer the investment strategies of global fund managers. Through this process we can anticipate the criteria of institutional investors and show you which funds best match your company’s global funds investment strategy.

  • Securities Simulation

    Our securities tool simulates the stock market’s response to corporate actions in order to help you predict how an impending IPO, dividend initiation, divestiture or M&A will affect your stock.

  • Tools and Strategies for Investors

    Just as we help you find the right institutional investor we also provide fund managers and individual investors with tools to find your company’s profile based on their unique investment objectives. Simple multi-factor modeling tools in the Valuation Metrics interface are used by investors to construct portfolios and track indexes. If your company is a top fit with an investing strategy, Valuation Metrics will help enhance your visibility with that investor.

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Key Benefits

  • Quickly locate and recruit institutional investors from a universe of more than 160,000 managers.

  • Use hypothetical securities to predict how an impending IPO, dividend initiations, dives-
    titures or M&A will affect your stock.

  • Analyze the investment strategies of global fund managers using 25+ valuation models and 100+ metrics.

Companies, global investment banks, and investor relations firms use Valuation Metrics to save time and avoid unproductive meetings with investors that are not likely to purchase their stock.
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From the Blog

Hypothetical Security Simulation and Valuation


The Valuation Metrics hypothetical security simulation tool assesses the impact of a potential corporate action on your company’s shareholder base.

We offer hypothetical security analysis for the following corporate actions:

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Dividend Policy Studies

Using financial estimates based on the selected corporate action, we create a synthetic security that has all the characteristics of a real security. Our matching algorithms then generate targeting results just as if it were an actual security. These targeting results help to identify prospective new buyers and at-risk current holders.

The financial information needed to generate each hypothetical security varies depending on the type of corporate action. The more robust and accurate the data available or provided to us, the more meaningful the targeting results will be. In the case of IPO’s, much of the data can be obtained from the company’s S-1 filing. If available, analysts’ pro forma estimates are especially useful and lead to better targeting results. In the case of M&A and divestitures, a full set of historical and pro forma financials for the combined entity (in the case of mergers and acquisitions) or each separate entity (in the case of divestitures) provided to us by the client will ensure the most accurate targeting results. In all cases, if the value for a particular variable is unavailable, peer group or industry averages are used in its place.

For hypotheticals in which the original company is publicly traded, the user can compare the targeting results generated to those of the original company, as well as examine the difference in the underlying fundamentals and valuation models used in the analysis. This analysis helps the user gauge the effect of the corporate action on the company’s overall institutional appeal. Multiple scenarios can be run to determine the optimal scenario that produces the highest level of institutional appeal. This is especially useful for dividend policy studies.



As part of the Hypothetical Security Simulation, Valuation Metrics offers a separate but integrated hypothetical valuation tool. This tool is particularly useful for private companies and pending IPO’s interested in learning what their companies might be worth on the open market.

We estimate the likely market capitalization of the hypothetical security by doing a Comparable Company Analysis (CCA). The relative valuation multiples (EV/EBITDA, P/S, P/E, P/B, etc.) of the company’s closest peers are used to estimate the equivalent multiples for the hypothetical security. After taking into consideration other factors like the company’s estimated growth rates and the current industry and market sentiment, an educated estimate of the hypothetical security’s enterprise value and market capitalization is established.

Along with being an indicator of the likely public market demand for a private company or pending IPO, the market capitalization estimate is used to determine the company metrics which go into the matching algorithms that generate the targeting results for the hypothetical security scenarios described above.

December 17, 2014Read More
  • Adds ability to filter results by region

    December 16, 2014
  • Adds ability to search using global investment strategy

    November 9, 2014
  • Added ability to view peer holdings on dashboard results table

    October 15, 2014
  • Added historical holders analysis and manager's investment criteria descriptions

    October 9, 2014